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      Don't Leave You Family Sorting Thru a Mess

             Because You Didn't Have a Will


Wills & Estates

A little bit of planning goes a long way. Everyone needs a will regardless of income or wealth. A will is a sound investment. Few people know that a well drafted will can save you thousands of dollars in bonding fees and administrative costs. A will can also resolve disputes among heirs before they ever arise. A will allows you to be in control of how, and to whom, your assets are distributed. Also, if you have minor children it allows you to direct how they will be cared for in your absence.

The loss of a loved one is always difficult and stressful. A well drafted will can relieve some of the stress by providing your heirs with you last wishes, relieving them of the obligation to make difficult decisions regarding your final arrangements.

A living will can be priceless to a family under stress. End of life medical treatment frequently places a spouse and children in difficult decision making scenarios. A well drafted living will can remove this burden from your loved ones.

Our attorneys can provide you the advice and services that you need to protect and provide for your family.

What Is A Will? - Alabama State Bar




     With the economy in its current condition it comes as no surprise that late and missed payments are on the rise.  Finding an attorney willing to take your collections case is not a challenge. The challenge is finding an attorney the experience and tenacity necessary to handle your case.

     Our attorneys aggressively pursue collection matters. We have litigated collection matters in the District Court, Circuit Court and the Appellate Court. We have effectively garnished wages, seized assets  and garnished bank accounts for clients .

     It's your money. You earned it. Let us help you get it. 
 Debt Reduction
     We can also work with you to reduce debts. Many times credit card, collection agencies, or others are willing to negotiate with us for a reduced pay off of your debts. Call us today to discuss how this can benefit you. 

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