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In a divorce case, when there are children the situation becomes much more complicated and involved. Having parents get divorced is generally very hard on children, so making arrangments that are least difficult for them should always be the first consideration. An experienced attorney like Brandon Neal will advise you and negotiate the living arrangments that will be pleasing to all parties.

Every divorce is individual and unique, but these options are the most common custody arrangments for the children of a divorced couple.


*STANDARD CUSTODY - In this case, one parent would have primary custody of the child while the other parent has visitation rights based on a predetermined schedule. This schedule can include alternating weekends, holidays, birthdays, and often an extended visitation period over summer months, Christmas Holidays, or other school breaks.


*JOINT CUSTODY - In joint custody cases, the child will alternate between living with each parent for planned amounts of time. For example, the child may live with one parent for a period of months, and then with the other parent for the same period of months. Usually the courts like to keep these time frames on the longer end so that the childs life is not disrupted as often.


*SHARED CUSTODY - In this type of arrangment the child may live with one parent during the school year and the other parent during the summer. There can also be arrangments tailored that work best for the child and the parents in Child Custody cases. Many times a blend of shared and joint custody arrangements can end up working out best for the child.

Many times determination of custody can come down to which parent has demonstrated a more active role in the child's life. If you have documentation that proves what kind of care and involvment you have in the child's life it can work to your advantage.

Working with an experienced child custody attorney such as Brandon Neal who can assist you in developing a custody plan that is suitable for both parents and child will be to your advantage. We would be happy to set and appointment with you to evaluate your case.

No one wants to give up custody and/or visitation with their children. We believe that children are the most important asset in any marriage and we work hard to keep your rights in place so that you stay part of their lives, especially after a divorce.